The True Meaning Behind Education

Grades often determine students’ capability of excelling in this they become the universal indicators and bases or measures of the mental capacity of a person. The society immediate assumed that students with high grades are smarter, better and more capable of doing something rather than those who are not. This numbers define the student’s comprehension of the systematic lesson plan imported by the teachers but if we consider the definition of skills and grades, skill have heavier importance than grades. We all know that the school pushes students to be well-rounded and versatile individuals but at the same time teachers encourage them to be unique in their own way. 

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School works and exercises do not entirely develop the skills among students as they just basically demand a particular individual to pass through a certain set of examinations. To some extent. Grades have become the alarm clock that wakes students up to do something they need to pass and develop another field that they actually not good at. In fact, job opportunities that promise greener pasture require analytic proficiency, critical thinking and good communication skills. However, grades do not always determine these capabilities since the students’ skills are limited to particular subjects that are given by the school. 

Students from other schools might get high grades without actually learning anything after all the hard work and money exerted by their parents. Some might actually be proficient in speaking and writing English but find the subject boring and hard to comprehend due to teaching styles. Someone might fail in mathematics because of a conflict with the teacher giving GPA but is actually good at numbers and counting. Schools might have shortcomings in creating of grades as a measure of intelligent but education does not actually end in a four walled and four cornered classrooms. 

It actually extends far more and it can be found within the potential of a student in some cases, grades are not reliable indicator of a student’s intelligence and ability to do great things. However, in the present reality, grades identify student’s skill and the society will continue to view then as a measure of one’s intellect. Job would continue to use GPAs as a gate pass. Nonetheless, students must strive hard to be better in their everyday lives, as life is a continuous cycle of learning no matter how grades or what skills define them in their future job if there is so. 



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